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The Church Planting Podcast with Greg Nettle

Mar 20, 2024

In this episode of "The Church Planting Podcast," host Greg Nettle, president of Stadia Church Planting, engages in a deep dive conversation with Doug Foltz, a seasoned church planting strategist and Director of Startup Services at Stadia. They explore the nuances of starting new churches, focusing on common mistakes church planters make and providing invaluable insights for navigating the challenging but rewarding journey of church growth. Key topics include the importance of team-based planting, contextualizing church efforts to fit community needs, developing a personal spiritual formation plan, prioritizing people over tasks, and the critical need for building relationships with those outside the faith. This episode serves as a comprehensive guide for church leaders and planters aiming to create impactful, enduring church communities.

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Episode Contents:

  • [00:00:00] Introduction by Greg Nettle
  • [00:01:00] Doug Foltz's journey into church planting
  • [00:03:31] The evolution of Doug's role in supporting church planters
  • [00:07:19] Mistake #1: Planting Alone
  • [00:12:03] Mistake #2: Not Contextualizing
  • [00:20:43] Mistake #3: Lack of Personal Spiritual Formation Plan
  • [00:25:12] Mistake #4: Prioritizing Tasks Over People
  • [00:30:00] Mistake #5: Not Building Relationships with Non-believers
  • [00:34:41] Conclusion and anticipation for future discussions on generative AI in ministry