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The Church Planting Podcast with Greg Nettle

Feb 21, 2024

This episode features a deep dive into leading churches effectively through politically and racially charged environments. Hosted by Greg Nettle, President of Stadia Church Planting, the episode welcomes Chuck Mingo and Troy Jackson, co-founders of Undivided, focusing on racial healing and justice. The discussion revolves around the necessity of courage, empathy, and practical steps for church leaders to foster unity and address sensitive issues. Key highlights include the introduction of the "Living Undivided" book and Bible study, strategies for pastoral leadership in divisive times, and the importance of listening and empathy in building a community. For more about "Living Undivided," visit Undivided. For more info about Stadia Church Planting visit

Episode Index:

  • [00:00:25] Guests introduction: Chuck Mingo and Troy Jackson, their work with Undivided
  • [00:01:19] Importance of the episode’s topic for church leaders
  • [00:01:31] Discussion on "Living Undivided" book
  • [00:02:31] Reflections on the upcoming politically and racially charged months
  • [00:04:02] The necessary postures for leaders during challenging times
  • [00:05:38] Equipping church members for healthy, diverse conversations
  • [00:08:47] Developing empathy within the church community
  • [00:11:10] Breaking out of echo chambers for broader perspectives
  • [00:12:22] Introduction of the Living Undivided Bible Study
  • [00:15:21] Guidance for pastors in navigating political and racial discussions
  • [00:23:12] Addressing immigration as a key issue for church leadership
  • [00:31:42] Navigating racial tensions and understanding within the church community
  • [00:34:35] Participation in undivided virtual cohorts for church leaders