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The Church Planting Podcast with Greg Nettle

Mar 6, 2023

Greg sits down with Stadia's first president, Marcus Bigelow, to talk about the modern church planting movement of the last 30 years, Stadia's origin story, the faithfulness of God as Stadia celebrates its 20th anniversary, and what God could bring about over the next decade.

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About Marcus Bigelow: Marcus Bigelow has a family heritage of church planting. His great uncle, grandfather, father, brother, and sister all helped start new churches. In 1984, Marcus and his wife, Jan, started Dublin Christian Church in Dublin, CA. He remained their until called in 1996 to help lead a church planting organization that became Stadia.

Marcus led the organization from a small regional organization in 7 years to a national organization, and ultimately to an international organization. This led to great experiences in managed growth, building scalable systems, and leading a de-centralized company. In 2011, Marcus turned his attention to helping high-impact business leaders maximize their lives, businesses and Kingdom impact.

He is committed to helping Christian leaders find and leverage God’s call through their businesses. He now leads two Convene Teams in the Sacramento area. Marcus’s passion is to help leaders multiply their effectiveness for Kingdom legacy impact and leverage their leadership. Marcus has been married to Jan for 51 years. They have three married daughters and eight grandchildren, all of whom love Jesus.