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The Church Planting Podcast with Greg Nettle

Mar 6, 2024

In this episode of The Church Planting Podcast, Greg talks with Dr. Scott Todd, president of One Child and co-founder of Bridgeley, discussing the impactful role of church planting in caring for children globally. Scott shares insights from his extensive experience in child development and church collaboration, emphasizing the strategic use of technology through Bridgeley to foster intercultural relationships and direct support for children in need. They delve into the potential of churches as hope centers, where local champions (teachers, coaches, youth pastors) are empowered to support children's growth and development. The dialogue highlights the importance of strategic, faith-driven efforts to engage the next generation in meaningful causes, demonstrating how technological advancements can bridge the gap between supporters and frontline communities, thus enhancing the global church's mission.

One Child:

00:00:20 - Scott's Background and Connections with Stadia and Greg
00:02:33 - Scott Todd on the Mission of Reaching Kids in Hard Places
00:03:22 - Introduction to One Child and Bridgely
00:04:50 - The Role of Technology in Child Care
00:07:04 - Personal Sponsorship Stories and Bridgely's Impact
00:09:14 - Addressing Entitlement and Compassion through Bridgely
00:10:07 - How to Get Involved with Bridgely and One Child
00:11:42 - Global Perspective on Risks and Opportunities for Children
00:14:07 - Engaging the Next Generation with Purpose and Learning
00:17:11 - Parenting for Impact and Encouraging Young Agents of Change
00:19:01 - Raising Kids with Global Awareness and Compassion
00:22:07 - Hope Centers and the Church's Role in Child Development
00:25:37 - Practical Steps for Engaging with Bridgely and One Child