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The Church Planting Podcast with Greg Nettle

Feb 7, 2024

Join host Greg Nettle and Josh Burnett ( for a discussion on the integration of generative AI and technology in church planting and leadership. Josh shares his journey from being a preaching intern at Southeast Christian Church (Louisville, KY) to starting Revolution Church in Annapolis, focusing on community needs like child hunger. Following these church leadership roles, Josh and his wife Sarah founded Flourish, a nonprofit operating system, and later, Church.Tech, which offers AI tools for churches. We're taking a deep dive into the potential of AI in sermon preparation and church management, in order to increase the time church leaders can spend with people and increase productivity and creativity.

Introduction (00:00-00:57)
Josh Burnett's background and journey (00:58-02:35)
Transition to church planting (02:36-04:31)
Experiences at Revolution Church (04:32-05:43)
Addressing child hunger in Annapolis (05:44-07:50)
Transitioning out of church leadership (07:51-09:18)
Founding Flourish and Church.Tech (09:19-11:00)
Theological considerations of AI in church (11:01-14:20)
Practical applications of AI in sermon preparation (14:21-17:55)
Church.Tech's features and goals (17:56-20:42)
Future developments in Church.Tech (20:43-23:00)
Conclusion and thanks (23:01-28:40)

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