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The Church Planting Podcast with Greg Nettle

Dec 27, 2023

Greg Nettle, President of Stadia Church Planting, and church planter Dave Jane talk about what you can do to lead well and help yourself and your staff balance ministry and family during the holidays. The discussion centers around managing the aftermath of the Christmas season for church leaders, focusing on maintaining staff and family health.

Dave and Greg talk about five vital areas of ministry and family health for the holidays:

Adapting Traditions: Dave Jane shares how his family and church staff adapt Christmas traditions to accommodate the demands of church services, including the involvement of children in church activities.

Staff Care and Appreciation: Ideas like Christmas bonuses, staff traditions, and taking a break between Christmas and New Year are discussed as ways to appreciate and care for church staff.

Dealing with Post-Christmas Adrenaline Crash: Both leaders talk about the physical and emotional toll of the festive season on church leaders, offering strategies like sleep, family involvement, outdoor activities, and planning downtime to recuperate.

Spiritual and Emotional Health: They touch upon the importance of spiritual and emotional well-being, guarding against burnout and temptations post the festive rush.

Practical Leadership Tips: The episode also includes practical tips for church leadership, such as advanced planning of sermon series and engaging in servant leadership within the family post the big church events.

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