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The Church Planting Podcast with Greg Nettle

Apr 17, 2024

Meet Angela and Gianni Gaeta, founders of Impact Europe. Based in Vienna, they are dedicated to bringing godly influence into every sphere of secular society by planting vibrant Churches and training leaders throughout Central Europe. Starting from Angela's unexpected call to mission, to their eventual life together in Austria focusing on church planting and leadership training, their story is one of faith, dedication, and transformation. Their approach, "open your home, your heart, and your fridge," emphasizes building community from the ground up.

Connect with Gianni and Angela:
Connect with Greg and Stadia Church Planting:

Episode Outline
[00:00:20] Meeting Angela and Gianni: The Call of God
[00:01:30] Angela’s Early Life and Unexpected Call to Mission
[00:02:31] First Steps Towards Mission Work in Austria
[00:07:11] Angela's Struggles and Confirmation of Her Call
[00:11:26] Transitioning from Visitor to Missionary in Austria
[00:12:51] Meeting Gianni and Their Path to Marriage
[00:15:57] The Couple's Church Planting Journey in Austria
[00:20:20] Current State of Church Planting and Impact Europe
[00:24:02] The Strategy of "Open Your Home, Your Heart, and Your Fridge"
[00:26:46] How to Learn More About Their Ministry