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The Church Planting Podcast with Greg Nettle

Nov 15, 2023

Join Greg Nettle in a riveting discussion with author and leadership expert Kadi Cole, as we explore the evolving landscape of church leadership. In this episode, Kadi shares her wealth of experience in ministry and her unique insights into developing leaders in church settings. Kadi provides practical strategies for cultivating inclusive leadership practices and addresses the complex gender dynamics within the church. Whether you're a church leader, a ministry worker, or simply interested in the intersection of faith and leadership, this conversation with Kadi Cole offers valuable perspectives on nurturing a diverse and dynamic leadership environment in modern churches.

Kadi Cole has extensive experience in church ministry, having served as an executive director at one of America's largest multi-site churches and as a founding member of the Women's Executive Pastor Network. She is also an author, with books like "Sticky Note Leadership," "Developing Female Leaders," and "Find Your Leadership Voice in 90 Days."

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