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The Church Planting Podcast with Greg Nettle

May 29, 2024

In this episode of "The Church Planting Podcast," host Greg Nettle reconnects with Gary Thomas, a prolific author known for works like Sacred Marriage and Cherish. They discuss the critical role of nurturing marital relationships amidst the pressures of church planting. Gary emphasizes the concept of "cherishing" over mere love, advocating for a deeper, more respectful partnership. The conversation covers practical advice on maintaining and enriching marriages, recognizing the challenges specific to those in ministry. They also delve into strategies to safeguard marriages against infidelity and the importance of genuine interaction within the marriage and in public perceptions.

[00:00] - Introduction 
[00:19] - Introduction of guest Gary Thomas, highlighting his contributions and publications.
[01:04] - Gary shares personal anecdotes and the importance of marital health in church planting.
[02:44] - Discussion on trends in marriage, particularly challenges faced by those in ministry.
[04:58] - Deep dive into the concept of "cherishing" in marriage.
[09:11] - Practical advice on transforming marriage by renewing perception and appreciation.
[13:25] - Role of authenticity and safe spaces in strengthening marriage.
[17:30] - Strategies for finishing well in marriage and ministry.
[26:32] - Closing