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The Church Planting Podcast with Greg Nettle

May 15, 2024

Greg discusses the integration of digital marketing and AI tools in church leadership with guest Kenny Jahng, a digital marketing expert and founder of AI for Church Leaders. They explore the misconceptions about marketing in church contexts, emphasizing the importance of adopting digital-first strategies to connect with communities effectively. Key topics include the role of websites as the "digital front door" to churches, the relevance of creating valuable online content, and the practical use of AI in sermon preparation and church management.

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Episode Index

  • [00:00] Introduction 
  • [01:06] Discussion on marketing in church contexts
  • [02:18] Defining a "digital-first world" and its implications for churches
  • [03:28] The concept of the digital front door and optimizing church websites
  • [04:24] Strategies for engaging visitors through church websites
  • [07:48] Integrating content and interaction in digital church strategies
  • [12:53] Refreshing digital presence and maintaining a dynamic website
  • [12:58] Introduction to AI for church leaders and its benefits
  • [16:50] Exploring AI tools for sermon writing and church management
  • [18:28] The Art of Engagement: a framework for effective digital outreach
  • [24:28] Establishing authority and building trust through online presence
  • [27:07] Closing thoughts and where to find Kenny Jahng online